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Chained in Paradise

How History was used to change the future

(A Caribbean Story)

Chained in Paradise is an ongoing project by Audra A. Diptée.

It is about a secret British policy that involved the destruction and hiding of colonial documents in the Caribbean during the twentieth century.

The policy was known as Operation Legacy and became public knowledge in 2011.

Chained in Paradise will be the first in-depth analysis of how this secret policy impacted the Caribbean region.


Clandestine actions by government actors at the highest level?

Secret documents being hidden and destroyed?

Long-term impact on national histories?

This has all the makings of a fiction novel – yet it is real life!

Curious about what were in these secret documents?

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    1953:  Mystery Solved?

    1953: Mystery Solved?

    Why are there virtually no documents from British Guiana among those that were secretly removed from British colonies under Operation Legacy?

    The historian Richard Drayton pointed out it was troubling that there were no documents because …

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    The plot twist …

    The plot twist …

    In 1961, Trinidad & Tobago was the only British colony to have a Governor who was not white and Caribbean-born …

    His name was Solomon Hochoy.

    Until recently, I thought he had no knowledge of British efforts to destroy and hide colonial documents …

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